2016 CX Race Promoter Meeting

To schedule the 2016 CX season the KCA is going to have a meeting Sunday April 17 at 6 PM.  Location will likely be in Lawrence TBD.

We would like to invite all promoters (or their proxy) to attend so we can review dates requested and resolve any possible scheduling conflicts.

Please submit to Jeff Unruh no later than April 13 your requested dates so we can have all requests documented.   His email address is


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2016 Race Calendar

2016 KCA Race Calendar 20160209 Attached is an updated calendar.

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Keen Wealth Advisors ongoing support of KCA

I want to thank Bill Keen of Keen Wealth Advisors for his ongoing support of the KCA and Junior Cycling with his generous donation of $2,000.



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Big D Cycling 2015 USA Cycling Masters Club of the Year

Congrats to Big D being recognized by USA Cycling


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2016 Prelim Race Calendar

Also, attached is what we have received to date for 2016 events, if you would like your race added please contact Rob King at

2016 Prelim Race Schedule

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Congrats to KBCXR/KBAR Winners

To all winners hopefully you received an email from me last week.  If you are a first time winner please email me ( your jersey size for the jersey you won   David Romisch


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Revised Final KBCXR/T Results

See revised results

KBCXR 20151121

KBCXT 20151121

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Final KBCXR/T Results

KBCXR 20151117

KBCXT 20151117

See attached files for final scoring. If you have a question please contact me at

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Update to Leadership message

Turns out that John Wentling and Rob King will not be running for positions next year. With that there will be at least two openings next year on the KCA Board.

If you are interested in running for a position please contact me at


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Updated KBCXR/T Results

KBCXR 20151111

KBCXT 20151111

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