Congrats June/July Upgrades

2017 6 7 Upgrades

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KCA Meeting

We will be having a meeting on Aug 20 at 2:00 pm.  Location is Barley’s Kitchen 16649 Midland Drive Shawnee KS in the game room.  Everyone is welcome to attend. However, please RSVP in case I need to change the reservation  Thanks!

If you don’t live in the local KC/Lawrence area and wish to conference call in please contact me and I will attempt to create a Skype connection and provide the necessary info to you.

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Interested in becoming a USAC Official?

If you are interested in becoming a USAC Race Official you can now independently get certified with a tutorial that USA Cycling offers.

The tutorial has 10 modules and takes about 90 minutes to complete. You don’t have to complete the modules in one sitting.  Once completed, you can take an online exam for a Category C Officials license.

With the exam passed, you will then take a SafeSport online course and background check.

Once completed, Amy Fear would like to meet with you to go over additional information that would be helpful as a new official.

KCA offers the following incentive to our Officials. (This is in addition to what is earned officiating an event)

  • 5-9 races license fee is reimbursed plus $50
  • 10-14 races license fee plus $100
  • 15-19 races license fee plus $150
  • 20+ races license fee plus $200

If you have any questions please contact Amy Fear at  or David Romisch at

Thank you!

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RFP for KBCXR and CX State Championships

Club/Promoter/Team Representatives

We are now accepting bids for the Cyclocross State Championships and KBCXR races.

If you would like for your race to be considered, please let me know.

Regarding CX State Championship. We will look at either splitting into two separate events Category and Age or combining in one event.

Please reply by July 7th if you want your race considered to

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Interested in becoming a Moto Ref?

Robert Brock who resides in Arkansas is going to offer a Moto Ref class for folks who are interested. If you are interested or would like more information please contact me at and I can pass along his contact information to you.

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Week Night Crit Racing Back–Wednesday Night Worlds

Jim Whittaker of Velotek Performance brings week night crit racing back with Wednesday Night Worlds, June 14 through August 16.  Races are near the College Boulevard Activity Center, 11031 S Valley Rd, Olathe, Kansas  66061.

Chamois Butt’r Go Stick is sponsoring the series with a selection of custom leader jerseys that may be worn by each week’s winners.  After each night of races, the winners will take home a Leader Jersey and a Chamois Butt’r Go Stick.

The jersey will move to the leader of the series as the weeks progress.  The overall winners at the end will keep their jerseys.  See flier for details.


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Congrats to the April Upgrades

201704 Upgrades

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Updated KBAR State Championship Races

Thanks to Jim Whittaker for adding two more races to the calendar.  On July 29 will be Sunflower State Games crit at Haskell 1x KBAR points, and KS Category State Championship Crit 2x KBAR points on July 30 Haskell.

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CX Promoter Calendar Meeting Time/Location Change

Thanks to Mark Thomas for hosting the CX Calendar meeting on May 21 at 3:00.  Will be at Clubhouse 512 East 18th Street Kansas City MO.  If you can please send to Jeff Unruh your desired dates in advance to  If you are not able to make it please make sure we have a phone number to contact if a question comes up.

Also, please RSVP to so I can make sure there is enough beer/food.


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KBAR Eligible Members

I have been asked by a couple of teams about the following KBAR rule.

If a KCA member club fails to promote a race or other USAC approved cycling event in the current calendar year as required by the KCA bylaws, all KBAR points earned by members of the non-promoting club will be voided.

At our last Board meeting we agreed that I was supposed to reach out to all teams that don’t promote races and remind them of this rule. My goal was to try to use as a carrot to hopefully get more races on our calendar.

Anyway, I haven’t gotten around to contacting teams (my fault on that). So for 2017 all racers regardless of what team you belong to are eligible for KBAR/KBAT points recognition.

The KCA Board will look at this rule again for 2018.

For teams that currently do not promote. I would like to encourage you to look at 2018 and see about putting an event on. Or even group up with a couple of other teams and collectively put on a race (up to six teams can promote a single race). I realize promoting gets harder each year and I am extremely thankful for the folks who put the time and effort so we have races to participate in. As our calendar gets more holes in the summer I think the KCA will want to enforce this next year to see if that helps plug some of the holes.

Good luck to everyone at Bazaar tomorrow!

David Romisch

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