2018 KBAR/KBAT & State Championship Schedule

2018 KBAR/KBAT & State Championship Schedule post thumbnail image

I am excited to announce the 2018 KBAR/KBAT and Kansas State Championship Schedule.  There are a couple of things you will all notice.

  1. There are a few races on this schedule listed as “still in planning stages”. These races are NOT finalized, but are far enough along to be included on this schedule.  I wanted to make sure that the dates of the races were given to all of you so you can plan your season.  If any of these races cancel, they will be removed from the schedule as soon as we know.
  2. The Perry Lake Road race is a new race and NOT part of the Perry Dam Series
  3. There IS a plan for the State Category Crit Championship, and it will be one of the races listed on this schedule.  Stay tuned for the announcement as soon as we can.

Thank you to the Promoters of these races, the board for all of their hard work getting this schedule together, and to ALL OF YOU WHO ARE VOLUNTEERING TO HELP put these races on.

Please remember that in order for your team to compete for the KBAT trophy, you must either put on a race, co-promote a race with another team, or provide significant support for a permitted race.  The intent is offer inexperienced and smaller teams the opportunity to learn how to put on a race from an experienced promoter so your team can either promote or co-promote another race next season.  

The official race and events calendar on this website are being updated, and will reflect these races soon.


2018 KBAR and State Championship schedule 

Sunday 4/8           Bazaar Road Race

Saturday 4/21       Bruce Edwards/ Glenda Taylor Memorial Time Trial

Saturday 5/12       Perry Lake Road Race State Road Championship for Category

Sunday 5/27          Jesse Blancarte Time Trial

Friday 6/29.          Tour of Lawrence 10k Time Trial

Saturday 6/30       Tour of Lawrence Haskell Criterium State Crit Championship for  Category

Sunday 7/1             Tour of Lawrence Sunday Circuit Race

Friday 7/20            Truman Cup Time Trial

Saturday 7/21        Truman Cup Circuit Race State Road Championship for Age

Sunday 7/22        Truman Cup Criterium State Crit Championship for Age

Sunday 8/5        Midwest Velo Criterium (Swope Park)