A Quick Look At Time Trials For Those Who Hate Time Trials

“time trial, French Course Contre La Montre, (“race against the watch”), in bicycle racing, a form of competition in which individual cyclists or teams are sent out at intervals to cover a specified distance on a road course. The contestant with the fastest time for the distance wins.” (courtesy Encyclopedia Brittanica)

We’ve talked to many local cyclists over the years and it seems one either loves or hates them.   Why is that?  We think it has a lot to do with the fact that TTs are hard – they require a lot of effort with no relief in the form of drafting. There’s no one to blame but one’s self which is, interestingly, what TT lovers say they like most about them.

Whether you love or hate them, take a look at this POV video from the John Brown Time Trial in De Soto, Kansas (thanks to Natural Grocers masters racer Dan Messina) and it just may change your mind about TTs.

Speaking of TTs…John Brown #3 and the Kansas State Championship races are coming up in August.  Check BikeReg for details