Call for new Board Position – Membership and Recruitment

At the 2019 January meeting, the KCA board recognized the need for a new board-level position to develop and oversee efforts for new member recruitment and mentorship.  We voted to create the voting position of Membership Ambassador and Recruitment.  At this time, we are looking for someone who would like to fill that position.

This person would act as an ambassador for the sport to new racers; interacting with them personally to answer questions and help mentor them in the sport.  They would also be responsible for creating content for the website, and other media sources, to recruit and support new racers.  This person should be visible at races throughout the season, outgoing, knowledgeable about racing in Kansas, familiar with the teams and coaches, and willing to help new riders understand the other ins and outs of racing.

We are seeking to fill this position immediately to begin the normal 2-year term.  Interested nominees should email  The call for nominations ends on Friday, March 1 2019.