COVID-19 response and USAC race cancellations.

Good Afternoon all,
Yesterday afternoon, USAC had an emergency informational meeting with the Local Associations.  I was on that call, and am passing on this information to you.
On March 12, USAC cancelled the USAC controlled events and brought any TEAM USA athletes home that were not already at home.  At that time, they sent out an email about best practices and encouraged race directors to work within the restrictions of their local governments regarding the public health.
At around Midnight on Sunday morning, USAC suspended all permits and insurance coverage for every USAC sanctioned event, ride, meeting, training session, and gathering between Monday March 16, and Sunday, April 5th.
Events that are cancelled are allowed to reschedule OR may receive a refund of the permitting fee from Event Services, OR can have their permit fee transferred to next year.  Questions should be directed to
USAC understands completely that there are areas of the US that are currently not reporting issues, and not everyone is sick.  They also acknowledge that there are differing views on the issue.  This decision was made to implement a solution based on  a “best-practices” model.  World-wide, this is the model that is being adopted by governments and organizations.
Please understand that everyone, from individual racers, to Race Directors, to LAs, to USAC itself will likely experience some sort of financial impact.  USAC is going to work to mitigate as much of this as possible, but there will likely not be a perfect solution….and it is too early to even discuss what some of those remedies could even look like.
NON events, (shop rides, group rides, team training rides, unsanctioned MTB and Gravel events) are STRONGLY encouraged to cancel or postpone.  When asked directly what constitutes a ‘group’, USAC’s response was:
“We aren’t going to assign a magic number to the definition.  Best practices are that you should be OK to ride with the people that you live with, but all other kinds of rides should be suspended immediately”
When asked about a speculated date for resumption of racing they said:
“Its entirely too early to even ask that question.  This is an evolving issue that transcends local racing dates.  Most local governments are prohibiting events or gatherings like ours right  now.  Those that haven’t done so yet are actually expected to go that route within the next week.   It is certainly possible  that the April 5th date may be extended, but we cannot say that for sure at this point.  Local government actions will likely trigger the discussions about when we can resume events.”
They also asked for patience as this situation is unprecedented, and there is no protocol on how to move forward.  They are developing one as thy go along.
USAC has converted to a “work-from-home” model at the main office, and will continue to be on that model for the time being.  They are still working, and emails are being received and answered.
USAC has been in discussion with ZWIFT on some items for the last couple of months.  They already have a model for training sessions, and potential e-events in place.   Something so the bike community can still ‘get together in the spirit of community and competition’, even when racers aren’t allowed to go out in groups.  More details will follow when they are available.
I know that many of you are also competing in unsanctioned Gravel and Mountain Bike events.  As those events are not under direct USAC control, I would urge all of you to start having discussions within those communities about the best practices and potentially postponing those events as well.
I know that with a little perseverance, and some precautionary measures, we will all get through this and be back competing on two wheels soon.
Thank you.
David Sturm