Junior Entry Fees Subsidized by The Keen Wealth Advisors and KCA

The KCA is pleased to announce the 2013 $1,000 donation from The Keen Wealth Advisors has been matched with $1,000 from the KCA to promote junior racing.  For 2013 Cyclocross and 2014 Road Races, the KCA will subsidize race promoters who are members in good standing of the KCA, per the KCA Bylaws, $5.00 per junior entry in a junior (not category) race.  The payment will be made by the KCA within thirty days of the KCA Treasurer’s receipt of the number of junior entries in the race via either the Chief Referee Report or official results.  The KCA Board recognizes that, per USA Cycling, race entry fees are set in a free market at the discretion of the organizer.  However, it is the KCA Board’s hope that promoting clubs and race directors, in order to promote junior racing, will charge junior entry fees of $5.00 which will be paid by the racer.  The $5.00 paid by the KCA will result in an actual entry fee of $10.00. Further, per the KCA surcharge policy, the $1.00 surcharge is not assessed on entries with a fee of $10.00 or less.   Official race fliers will include a statement that junior entry fees are sponsored by The Keen Wealth Advisors and the KCA.