2016 KBAR Races

Final Results posted 2016.09.01

KBAR results 8-31-16

KBAT results 8-31-16

KEEN results 8-31-16

Updated results with Salina RR posted 2016.08.24

KBAR results 8-24-16

KBAT results 8-24-16

KEEN results 8-24-16


Updated results with Truman Cup posted 2016.07.26

KEEN results 7-25-16

KBAR results 7-25-16

KBAT results 7-25-16

Updated results with Tour of Lawrence and Sunflower State Games posted 2016.07.21

KEEN results 7-20-16

KBAT results 7-20-16

KBAR results 7-20-16


20160621 KBAR Calendar Updated with 8/28 State TT in Hutchison being added

2016 KBAR Calendar 20160503  KBAR Race Calendar has been updated with 7/16 Tour Of Lawrence being added

Revised results

KEEN results 6-13-16

KBAT results 6-13-16

KBAR results 6-13-16


Results after Hutchison Cycling and Jesse Blancarte

KBAR results 6-05-16

KBAT results 6-05-16

KEEN results 6-05-16

Results after Bazaar

20160423 KBAR

20160423 KBAT Team

20160423 Keen Wealth Cup

Please note you have until April 30 to appeal these results. That includes points earned, and what team was credited with your points. After that date these results are final.



2016 KBAR Calendar revised 20160221  Attached is our updated KBAR Calendar.

We were asked to reconsider the KBAR points for Memorial Day Weekend. After discussing we decided to make all three races that weekend 1X KBAR points to encourage folks to get out and participate that weekend. Thanks

2015 KBAR Races

2015 KBAR Schedule__20150526  Here is the 2015 KBAR calendar  5-26-2015


Final Point Standings

Updated 11.22.15

Your 2014 KBAR Event Series at a glance Calendar!

2015 Kansas Best All Around Rider and Team Rules (KBAR/KBAT)Posted 1.22.15