Updated KBAR Calendar KBAR 20170722

Updated KBAR Calendar  KBAR 20170506

Thank you Jim Whittaker for promoting the Sunflower State Games Crit and the Category State Championship Crit July 29-30.

Results after Hutchison and Jesse Blancarte TT

2017 KBAT Results 6-05-17

2017 KBAR Results 6-05-17

2017 KEEN Results 6-05-17

Corrected KBAR/T Keen Wealth Results

2017 KBAR Results 5-9-17

2017 KBAT Results 5-9-17

2017 KEEN Results 5-9-17

Results after Bruce Edwards Glenda Taylor TT

2017 KBAR Results 4-25-17

2017 KBAT Results 4-25-17

2017 KEEN Results 4-25-17


Results after Bazaar RR reminder if you wish to appeal the points let me know by this Saturday

2017 KBAT Results 4-16-17

2017 KEEN Results 4-16-17

2017 KBAR Results 4-16-17


2017 KBAR Races

I am hoping for two more KBAR races being added in July one of them being Crit Category State Championship. I will update as soon as possible.

Final Point Standings

Updated 01.02.17