Keen Wealth Cup

Final 2014 Standings

Posted 8.22.14

2014 Rules

  • RulesPosted 1.10.14

Junior Entry Fees Subsidized by Keen Wealth Advisors and KCA

August 11, 2013 The KCA is pleased to announce the 2013 $1,000 donation from Keen Wealth Advisors has been matched with $1,000 from the KCA to promote junior racing.  For 2013 Cyclocross and 2014 Road Races, the KCA will subsidize race promoters who are members in good standing of the KCA, per the KCA Bylaws, $5.00 per junior entry in a junior (not category) race.  The payment will be made by the KCA within thirty days of the KCA Treasurer’s receipt of the number of junior entries in the race via either the Chief Referee Report or official results.  The KCA Board recognizes that, per USA Cycling, race entry fees are set in a free market at the discretion of the organizer.  However, it is the KCA Board’s hope that promoting clubs and race directors, in order to promote junior racing, will charge junior entry fees of $5.00 which will be paid by the racer.  The $5.00 paid by the KCA will result in an actual entry fee of $10.00. Further, per the KCA surcharge policy, the $1.00 surcharge is not assessed on entries with a fee of $10.00 or less. Official race fliers will include a statement that junior entry fees are sponsored by Keen Wealth Advisors and the KCA.

Updated 1.26.2014

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Keen Wealth Cup Championship? The Keen Wealth Cup (see picture) is an annual Overall Team Champion award given by Kansas Cycling Association (KCA) to the cycle team with the overall best record in the KCA Kansas Best All-Around Team (KBAT) Series for a given year.

What is the KCA intention for making the Keen Wealth Cup award? The KCA intent of the Keen Wealth Cup award is to encourage and increase participation by a team’s members in the KCA Kansas Best All-Around Rider (KBAR) Series races.

What are the KCA expected benefits of the Keen Wealth Cup to area USAC bicycle racing? Expected benefits of the Keen Wealth Cup competition for the Overall Team Championship are:

  • Encourage more team level participation in KBAR designated races as all member earned points count towards the award. This makes all team members’ participation important, even if a racer does not expect to win the individual KBAR award.
  • Encourage teams to recruit new members to team so the team can participate in all the category, masters, and juniors races both for male and female. This to gain potential for more KBAR points towards winning the Keen Wealth Cup.
  • Encourage team tactics in races instead of just riding as individuals. Part of team strategy can be to both win points, but also to keep other teams from getting points.

Who is the sponsor of the Keen Wealth Cup award? The Keen Wealth Cup, a perpetual traveling trophy, is sponsored by Keen Wealth Advisors. To help investors in reaching their financial goals, Keen Wealth Advisors offers an enhanced, two-tiered approach to long-term planning.  This new, personalized approach combines near-term outlook with longer-term trends based on historical performance.  By seeking to plan for uncertainties surrounding longevity, inflation and market performance, it is their goal for investors to have more control of their financial futures. For more information, see their website at or call them at 913-624-1841.

How is the Keen Wealth Cup award administrated? The Keen Wealth Cup will be awarded to the Overall Team Champion, at the end of the KBAR/KBAT race season at the annual KCA Banquet. The award will be by Keen Wealth Advisors to the President of the Winning Team. The Winning Team’s name and the year won will be engraved on the trophy prior to award.

  • The President of the Winning Team will be responsible for the care and custody of the Keen Wealth Cup Trophy until it shall be returned to KCA on or before November 1 for the next annual award. The previous winner will receive a plaque award to keep for all time at the next annual banquet, indicating their previous win and the year won.  The Trophy will also include a permanent indication of all previous years winning teams.
  • The Keen Wealth Cup award will also include a monetary donation by Keen Wealth Advisors to the Winning Team in an amount equal to the cost of the Team’s next year USA Cycling Team license fee (present club fee is $150 a year).

How is the Keen Wealth Cup Winning Overall Team Champion determined? The Keen Wealth Cup Winning Team shall be determined by KCA and shall be the Team with the most combined and cumulative KBAR race points earned by all the Team members as follows:

  • All Men Categories 1,2,3,&4 points earned in all the KBAR races
  • All Men Masters 40+, 50+ (Cat 1,2,3,& 4) points earned in all the KBAR races
  • All Men Masters 60+, 65+ (Cat 1,2,3,4 &5) points earned in all the KBAR races
  • All Women Categories 1,2,3&4 points earned in all the KBAR races
  • All Women Masters 40+, 50+ , 60+(Cat 1, 2, 3,&4)points earned in all the KBAR races
  • All Junior’s (all ages, male or female) combined KBAR points earned in the Kansas State Championships (RR, TT, Criterium) races

Team Members can only contribute once, in either a category or age group, to the cumulative team total. The contribution shall be the highest point total he/she received in a single category or age group. In the event of a total team point tie, the top point earner racer in any one of the men or women groups will be used as the tie breaker. If there is still a tie the next highest point earner racer will be used and so forth on down until the tie is broken.


  • 2013 Keen Wealth Cup results listing HERE