Message I sent to Team Leaders

In case I don’t have your email address and to inform all KCA members I sent the message below via email to all team leaders.   Thanks, David Romisch

KCA Club Leaders:

Thank you for your work in making another great cycling season. Here are a couple of things as we head towards 2016 and a new racing season… Please share with your club members.

1. KCA Hall of Fame. Attached is the nomination form for clubs to submit candidates to induction into the Hall of Fame. Current members of the Hall of Fame are named on the KCA web site. Please submit your nominations by December 1, 2015 to Levon Weaver Inductees will be honored at the January 2016 Annual Banquet.

2. KCA Board of Directors. Current board members are: Amy Fear, David Romisch, Dean Parker, Joe Fox, John Cichelli, John Wentling, Levon Weaver, and Rob King. In 2016 Joe, Dean,  and Levon will serve the second year of their two year terms. We will have open the Junior representative position next year. Amy, David, John C, and John W complete their two year terms in December. I believe most will be running for election for 2016 but don’t have that confirmed yet. The Bylaws provide for a board of five – nine members. So with that we have room for at least one more Board member if you have someone on your team who would be interested in participating. I am attaching a copy of our Bylaws if you wish to review.

  1. KCA Annual Banquet. Our annual celebration Banquet will be held Sunday evening, January 17, at Maceli’s in Lawrence. KBAR, KBAT, Keen Wealth Cup, KBCXR and KBCXT podium winners will be honored at the banquet. Reservation information will be posted soon on the KCA web site.
  2. 2016 Race Calendar. To start planing for next years race season please send your requested events and dates to Rob King at We will send out a list of requested dates later this year to start this process.

Finally, thanks for everything you do to make this all happen!