New Women’s Cat 5 Race Category

From USA Cycling

We are very excited to introduce the women’s category 5 racing membership for cyclocross, road, and track events this year.

As you probably already know, in addition to cat 5 being assigned to all new female members, we are also allowing current cat 4 women to downgrade to the new cat 5 if they choose.

Assigning cat 5 to brand new members has been no problem, but due to being in the middle of a major IT migration, our system is currently experiencing an inability to process the cat 4 to 5 downgrades.

What does this mean for you?

If there are Cat 4 women who wish to race in a dedicated Cat 5 field, please allow them to do so even though their licenses may currently say Cat 4.  Also, we have received a number of questions regarding running a combined Cat 4/5 field for the women.   While having a true beginners field for new women is desirable, combining the 4s and the 5s might be a better solution for your race depending on the racing population in your area.