KBCXR Final Standings

The final KBCXR standings are here.  Congratulations to winners Andrew Coe, John Williams, James Taylor, Wanda Simchuk, Katherine Kelter, Michael J. Smith, Steve Songer, Doug Long, Wendy Guilbeau, Teresa Jarzemkoski, Quincy Eastlack, Lily Delaughder and Britton Kusiak!

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Seeking Nominations for KCA Board

Seeking Nominations to KCA Board

November 6, 2012

The Kansas Cycling Association is accepting nominations for individuals to be on its slate for Directors to serve a two year term in 2013-2014.

Current board members are:

Allison Adams, Art Berger, David Romisch, David Wamsley, Jeff Lively, Kyle Rainey, Sherri Hahn and Steve Songer.

The board positions of Allison Adams and Jeff Lively will expire 12.31.12 and they are not seeking re-election.

Elections will be held in December 2012 by email to Presidents of Clubs eligible to vote per the Bylaws.

Newly elected Directors’ terms will commence 1.1.13.  They will be announced at the KCA Banquet on 1.18.13.

Posted on this web site are the Bylaws of the KCA, which include the following provision as to Directors requirements:

Directors shall be individuals that are in good standing with USAC, hold a current

USAC license (e.g., rider, official, coach or mechanic), and reside in Kansas or a

county in Missouri bordering Kansas.

The Bylaws are a good source of information regarding the Board’s activities and the duties of the Board officer and coordinator positions.

Please ask anyone you know who meets the above criteria and is interested in running for a board position to call or email Sherri Hahn, KCA President, 913.526.5437


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2012 Kansas State Cyclocross Champions

Congratulations to the 2012 Kansas State Cyclocross Champions!

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2012 KBCXR/T Rules

August 16, 2012

The 2012 Kansas Best Cyclocross Rider/Team rules can be found here.  Promoters interested in having their CX race in the series should email by September 1.  A list of races in the 2012 series will be posted on this site in early September.

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Annual Meeting and Banquet

January 24, 2012

Pictures from the KCA Annual Meeting and Banquet can be found here.  The 2012 Board of Directors is: Allison Adams, Art Berger, David Romisch, David Wamsley, Jeff Lively, Kyle Rainey, Roger Harrison, Sherri Hahn and Steve Songer.


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2012 KBAR/KBAT Rules Final

February 22, 2012

The rules for the 2012 KBAR/KBAT rules can be found here.

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KCA Board & Officers

KCA Officers

February 11. 2012

The KCA Board elected the following 2012 officers:

Allison Adams – Calendar Coordinator; Art Berger – Official’s Coordinator; David Romisch – Upgrade Coordinator; David Wamsley – Championships Coordinator; Jeff Lively – Treasurer; Kyle Rainey – Junior Coordinator; Roger Harrison – Equipment Coordinator; Sherri Hahn – President and Permit Coordinator; Steve Songer – Secretary and Media and Communications Coordinator.


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Newly Licensed MotoRef

April 25, 2012

Congratulations to Arthur Berger, newly licensed moto referee.


Newly Licensed Officials

February 26, 2012

Congratulations to newly licensed Category C Officials Eleanor Heimbaugh, Shawna Macan and Todd Simchuk and newly licensed Category A Official Amy Fear.


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KCA Bylaws Revision


January 2, 2012

The KCA Board of Directors has approved revisions to the KCA Bylaws.  The revised version may be viewed here.  The revisions to the Bylaws primarily relate to incorporating into KCA racing clubs that have an address of record in a Missouri county bordering Kansas and USAC licensed individuals who reside in a Missouri county bordering Kansas.  This is in keeping with the USAC concept of racing associations being defined by racing communities rather than by state lines.  This change allows these clubs and individuals to actively participate in the governance of the USAC local association (KCA) that provides their race support.  The Bylaws were further revised to increase the number of Board members from five to between five and nine, define additional officer positions on the Board and allow an unattached racer to serve on the Board.  Questions regarding the Bylaws should be directed to Sherri Hahn at

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KBCXR Champions

January 17,  2012

The 2011 KBCXR/KBCXT Results are now Final. Follow this link for the

final standings.

Congratulations to the 2011 KBCXR Champions!

  • Men Open: Andrew Coe
  • Men 3/4: David Neidinger
  • Women Open: Aubree Dock
  • Junior Male: Issac Jonas
  • Junior Female: Tori Brocket
  • Master Men 40+: George Robinson
  • Master Men 50+: Steve Songer
  • Master Men 60+: Erik Elving
  • Master Women 40+: Becca Williams
  • Singlespeed: Mark Horn

Congratulations to the KBCXT Champions!

  • Men: Team Colavita / Parisi Coffee
  • Women: Free State Racing
  • Masters Men: 360 Racing
  • Masters Women:
  • Juniors: KCOI U-20
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