What is the KCA Surcharge?

You may have seen the words "Entry fee includes $1 KCA Surcharge" on race announcements for Kansas races. The KCA surcharge is a exactly that — a surcharge collected by the race promoters from the riders and paid to the KCA.

USCF rules allow Local Associations to collect a surcharge from racers. This surcharge is an important source of funding for the association and the KCA uses the money collected to fund it’s general operations.

The KCA Registration and Results system, USCF Officials Clinics and the various Kansas State Championships are all examples of KCA supported activities.

For a complete accounting of the KCA operations look at the Financial Reports on About KCA section of this web site.

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2005 Kansas Omnium Final Results

The final results have been tabulated and the winners of the 2005 Kansas Omnium have been determined. Check the Omnium Page for complete results. This year the Omnium winners will receive a personalized plaque that recognizes their achievement. Plaques are being ordered now and will be distributed at the KCA Annual Meeting and Banquet.

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Kansas Omnium

The Kansas Omnium recognizes the rider with the best combined results in the State Championship road race, criterium, and time trial. To be eligible for the Omnium title, competitors must participate in all three Kansas State Championship events in the same class/category, be an annual USCF license holder and a Kansas resident.

Contrary to what was published on the State Championship Road Race and Criterium Race flyer, points will be awarded as follows: 15, 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point for finishing. Ties will will be decided by highest placing in the Road Race. Awards for the Kansas Omnium will be awarded at a later date to be announced. | More |

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New KCA Officials Coordinator

Amy Urbauer will assume responsibility for the assigning of officials for USCF-KCA events for the remainder of 2005. The existing Official’s Schedule will remain in place until or unless officiating adjustments need to be made.
| More |

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KCA Cycling Hall of Fame

In an effort to raise awareness among the general population and the racing community of the great achievements of Kansas racing cyclists, the KCA is proud to announce the creation of a Kansas Cycling Hall of Fame. Each KCA club, in good standing with the KCA and USAC, may nominate an individual for acceptance to the KCA Cycling Hall of Fame. | More |

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State of the Association

With the spring race season in full swing, KCA President Curt Shelman gives a good explanation of the KCA’s relationship with USA Cycling, and the business side of being a tax-exempt organization. | More |

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Discounted Women’s Beginner Racing

Courtesy Boulevard Brewing, Team GP-VeloTek, The Lanterne Rouge, and
Revolution Racing have teamed up to offer reduced-price
racing for Cat. 4 Women at all Revolution Racing events. With this coupon, category 4 women receive
$6 off at any of the Revolution Racing Events.

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KCA Computer Challenge a Success

Recently the KCA asked the clubs and riders for donations for purchasing
computer equipment. We have received $1245.00 from over 30 donors
so far. The computers are being used at KCA races for registration,
scoring and results that can be seen in action at local races.
Many thanks to the clubs and individuals who sent a contribution.

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2005 USCF Officials Clinic April 16

If you’re interested in becoming an official (and isn’t everyone?),
consider participating in the upcoming clinic, to be held by KCA
Officials Coordinator Thom Leonard on Saturday, April 16, 2005
from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm at Star Signs and Graphics, 801 East 9th St.
Lawrence, Kansas.

Races don’t go without officials, so please consider this opportunity to
give back to the sport.  The clinic is free to KS residents.

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KCA Board of Directors Meeting

Here are the complete minutes of the KCA Board meeting March 5, 2005.

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