2017 Planning Meeting

After Joules Cross on October 16 we will have a race promoter meeting to plan the 2017 Road/Crit/TT calendar.  If you or a proxy can not attend please make sure we have a contact phone number in case we need to confirm dates or other items with you during the meeting.   Please submit to Jeff Unruh  “” prior to this date requested events and dates so we can have a preliminary calendar.

We will update later with an exact location and time.

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State TT added to KBAR Schedule

John Fairbanks has offered to host a State TT in Hutchison KS on Aug 28th.  With that offer we have updated the KBAR calendar to include that race.  – David

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CX State Championship and KBCXR bid request

Club/Promoter/Team Representatives

We are now accepting bids for the Cyclocross State Championships and KBCXR races.

If you would like for your race to be considered, please let me know.

Regarding CX State Championship. A promoter asked if we would be willing to consider splitting up so that one race would be Category only and another Age only. If you want to have your race considered please be sure to let me know if you want both categories, or just one (if just one do you have a preference). I don’t know if we will split them but will consider it.

On the schedule tab is the current race calendar with all of the races we are aware of.  If you would like a race added or changed please email Jeff Unruh at

Please reply by June 10th if you want your race considered.

David Romisch

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KBAR Calendar Update

The KBAR Calendar has been updated with the 7/16 Tour of Lawrence race being added.

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Cycling Venture Crew Information Meeting

Bill Anderson is working on starting a Venturing Crew that will be centered around Girls and Boys between the ages of 13-21 who are interested in cycling from a recreational, hobby, or racing perspective.

An informational meeting for everyone who is interested will occur Thursday March 31 from 6 – 730 PM. The meeting will occur at the East Lawrence Rec Center which is located at 1245 East 15th Street Lawrence KS.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Bill at

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April 17 CX Promoters Meeting

Bill Anderson of Anderson Rentals has graciously offered the use of his office for the promoters meeting on April 17.

At 5 PM the KCA Board will have a quick meeting which everyone is more than welcome to attend. Then at 6 PM the CX Calendar meeting will begin.

Boulevard Beer will be providing during the meeting.

The address of Anderson Rentals is 1312 W 6th Street Lawrence KS.

Also, if you haven’t done it yet please email Jeff Unruh with your preferred dates. His email address is

While it won’t be decided at the meeting, if you are interested in your race being considered for KBAR and/or State Championship feel free to let Jeff know as well.


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2016 Drug Testing Information

As most of you know USA Cycling has instituted a drug testing program for amateur cycling this year.

All Cycling Associations were asked to submit a top 5 list of local races which I did. USA Cycling submitted those races to USADA which will use that as their pool of races to select from for testing.

From a communication received from USA Cycling below are a series of links that have information on doping, banned substances, prescription drug information, and supplements.

If you are taking a medication and want to verify it isn’t a banned substance or might need a TUE you can call 719-785-2000 (option 2) to talk to a USADA expert. Available M-F 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST.  USADA Anti Doping 101   USADA Resources Page   Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)  Drug Reference Hotline  Global Drug Reference to check prescriptions against the banned substance list  Athletes can submit reports/allegations/suspicions of doping infractions to USADA  Gain knowledge on high risk supplements.

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How to pin a race number

Please see the attached video on proper placement of your number.


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2016 Race Calendar Updated

2016 KCA Race Calendar 20160225

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Meeting minutes and financial statement

Attached are the meeting minutes from Feb 7th, and the 2015 financial results.

If you have any questions feel free to contact David Romisch

KCA Financial Report 2015

20150207 Meeting Minutes

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