Update Keen/KBAR/KBAT Results

One race left for KBAR/KBAT/KEEN!

KBAR Results

KBAT Results

KEEN Results

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2015 KBCXR/T Schedule

2015 KBCXR Schedule  Attached is our 2015 KCCXR/T and Kansas State CX Championship schedule.

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KCA Financial Statement


If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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Updated KBAR/KBAT Standings

Click here for current KBAR standings.

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Keen Wealth Support of KCA

We would like to thank Bill Keen and Matt Wilson of Keen Wealth Advisors for their ongoing support of the KCA. Their generous donation of $1,500 will allow the KCA to continue to support Jr racers in 2015.

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2015 Race Calendar

An updated 2015 Race Calendar has been posted on the News/Results Schedule and Results section.  If something needs to be corrected please contact Rob King at  2015 KCA RaceCalendar-2.17.15

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USAC Club/Team Affiliation

Please designate your correct club and team, if applicable, on your USAC account page when ordering your 2015 annual racing license.  The KCA database obtains its racer data directly from USAC records.  Therefore, if your USAC data is incorrect, your KCA data for registration, results and series scoring will also be incorrect. Please remember that you need to designate to USAC the correct club and team for each discipline you race:  road, cx, mountain, etc. in order for this information to be accurate in the KCA results and series points.

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2014 KBCXR/KBCXT final results are in

A new KBCXT final has been updated on the KBCXR/T page due to a type-o.

The 2014 KBCXR/KBCXT final results have been posted on the KBCXR/KBCXT page for your viewing pleasure.

These results will be final in three days from this posting for any protests.

Contact Bill Mason the KBAR/KBCXR coordinator if you have any questions.

We from the KCA appreciate all who have raced and helped make the 2014 season of KBAR/KBCXR events and all events a success.

Kansas and Missouri still has a few more events happening in November and December in preparation for Nationals, January 7-11 in Austin, TX. REG

See you at the races!

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KBCXR Standing and updates

KBCXR points are listed on the KBCXR/T page.

Cooler temperatures for the CX season finally arrived in KC. Many of the categories for KBCXR are very close in points. The races next weekends final KBCX race will be one great race to race and or watch as the top men and women race for titles.

This weekend also kicked off the Series60 CX. Look for more great CX racing the rest of the season as we move closer to Texas Nationals.

Next the ever so popular HPT Saturday night and then the final KBCX on Sunday, Veteran’s CX. Just a reminder pre registration saves you some $$.

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USA Race Director Certification 2015

Public service announcement in case you were not aware in 2015 USAC is requiring that ALL promoters who put on a race to complete the Race Director Certification Program.

Above is a link to USAC with information on it.

Fortunately USAC has backed off charging for the Level C license and will allow anyone to take the test to get certified. USAC will be the gate keeper of this rule in that you will not be able to start the permitting of a race until you are certified. Just wanted to pass this along so you are not taken by surprise.

Thanks for everything you do!

David Romisch

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