Fun Fact from the USACycling Rulebook

We’ve all read it on flyers…helmets are required.  Of course, they are for racing in an event but what about riding over the registration tent or the portable toilets?

Maybe just a quick spin around the parking lot or to the podium?  Still required.

From the USACycling Rulebook:

1J1. Helmets. At all times when participating in an event held under a USA Cycling
event permit, including club rides, any rider on a bicycle or motorcycle shall wear
a protective, securely fastened helmet that satisfies the standards specified in USA
Cycling Policies. (Policy I, Sections 1 and 2 – see appendices.)

“Participating in an event” means riding a bicycle in the vicinity of a race at any time between the beginning of registration and the last awarding of prizes, but does not apply to riding rollers or stationary trainers in order to warm up.





Bruce Edwards/Glenda Taylor Registration is Open

Registration is open for the Bruce Edwards/Glenda Taylor Memorial Time Trial scheduled for April 23, 2022, this year promoted by Midland Racing, LLC under the direction of David Romisch.   Time to dig out those skinsuits, aero bikes and booties or tough it out like the Cannibal himself, Eddy Merckx, and attack these rolling Kansas hills sans aero equipment.  However you slice it, this event is always a good time.

Map of area

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The Natural Grocers Cycling Team Steps Up Again

The Natural Grocers Cycling Team has announced partnerships with several local promoters to provide free or low cost racing opportunities for women at five upcoming time trials.

Natural Grocers has been the title sponsor of the Denver based team since 1987 and currently has a national roster of over 100 racers. Local to Kansas, the team has been providing grants to entice more women to race since 2019.

Look for more information as these events become permitted.


A Salute to Bike Race Promoters

 “If you want to get rich quick and live a relaxing life you should promote bike races”, said no one ever.

The Kansas Cycling Association would like to thank our local race promoters for the tireless, and often thankless work, they do.  Many of us have no knowledge of the months of work and planning that goes into putting on an event so we thought we’d outline those activities from a high level in hopes of a greater appreciation of our local promoters.

Venue:  Finding a venue for a race is getting harder, especially for road races and state championship length time trials. While there remain good rural options, it is sometimes difficult to entice the new or causal racer to drive hours away. Urban courses have become more scarce as property owners are leery of lawsuits arising from personal injury, community leaders oppose the event or the course presents safety concerns for racers.  It’s actually amazing that any races happen at all. Promoters spend a lot of time driving and riding potential courses, envisioning where barriers may be placed, working with the layers within a city government to secure permitting, drawing up a plan and so on.

Sponsors: Unless you’ve been under a rock the past two years, many of the small businesses the cycling community have historically relied on for sponsorship have been negatively affected by [fill in the blank]: global pandemic, supply chain disruption, labor shortage, economy downturn. Promoters spend a lot of time networking for potential sponsors.

Volunteers: A bike race can’t happen without a small army of volunteers. These fine folks act as corner marshals, direct traffic, answer questions, offer assistance and do it all day, often in crummy weather conditions, for free.  Promoters spend a lot of time begging folks for their precious time.

All The Other Stuff: City/county/state permits, securing officials, coordinating with KCA to ensure events don’t overlap, designing a flyer, promoting the event, dealing with USAC and BikeReg, uploading results, etc… Promoters spend a lot of time doing busywork.

Sometimes you get lucky and all the cards fall into place – then only a few racers show up or it rains or it snows or…   Race promoting is like having a small business that demands a lot of your time for little or no reward. It’s like having a second full time job and you have to pay your employer.  I would argue that most of us wouldn’t voluntarily enter into such an arrangement…but some do.   Why? Because they look in the mirror and ask, “If not me, then who?”

We salute the “If not me, then who?” folks in our cycling community both past and present. Thank you.

CALL TO ACTION:  Want to help revive bike racing?  Get involved. Send us a note and we’ll get you plugged into an event that needs you.


Meet Edd Pineda

Name – Edd Pineda

KCA Board Position – Equipment Coordinator

A Little About Me:

I have been been a cyclist for a number of years spanning multiple
disciplines (Mountain, Road, Time Trial and Gravel). I view 2022 as a
rebuilding year for cycling in Kansas. One of my goals is to have a
tighter knit cycling community across all of the disciplines allowing
increased enjoyment, sharing, racing for all cyclists while shining a
positive light on Kansas cycling.

Joe Martin Back for 2022

The Joe Martin Stage Race is back 2022 with new title sponsor, Walmart, on the heels of a successful CX Worlds.  Full story below:


Road Racing Returns to Kansas

Lawrence, KansasRevolution Racing has announced a partnership with Tricombe Skincare for the 28th running of the Spring Fling Criterium Series (permit pending).   The race is a five week, points based series held each year at Clinton State Park in Lawrence.

Revolution Racing founder and long time promoter, Jim Whittaker, is keen to get back to a normal racing schedule after two years of uncertainty, “Campground #1 has been a great early season training ground for many state, national and world champions. The smooth, fast and flat course is also great for juniors and new road cyclists. The atmosphere is family friendly and laid back since everyone is doing their first races of the season. It’s our 28th year bringing this race to the community and we are as excited as ever!“

While Tricombe Skincare is no stranger to the cycling community, this is their first time as a headlining race sponsor. According to co-founder, Joel Challacombe, “From my very first race (riding a down tube shifting bike, no less), Jim made his mark as an encourager, someone happy to give race advice and a fast friend. His encouragement and support continued as we started, built and have grown Tricombe. We love his passion for people and the cycling community. Supporting Jim and his Spring Fling was one of the easiest decisions we’ve made.”

Join the fun on Saturdays beginning February 26, 2022.   Check the USACycling and BikeReg websites for more information.



Meet Donica Goodwin

Name: Donica Goodwin

KCA Board Position: Women’s Racing Coordinator

A Little About Me:

I came late to cycling in my life and bought my first ‘real’ bike in 2009 to do a sprint triathlon. I found during training for the tri that I enjoyed riding the bike most of all and joined and then discovered cyclocross. Before I knew what was happening, I was ordering a ‘cross bike before I had ever been to a race and was suckered in to racing Worlds a few months later.

Riding and racing a bike has been amazingly fun and rewarding. I was quickly blown away by how incredibly welcoming and supportive everyone was to a new rider. So many ready for a tip on training, clothing, how to ride a challenging feature or helping with a quick bike fix.

While health issues have prevented me from racing recently, I’ve continued to ride for fun and stayed involved with the community by volunteering at races with registration, SAG, etc.

Like many others I would love to see a revitalization to the rich racing history in Kansas City. I’m focused on encouraging new women and juniors to join the ranks of KC racing and enjoy the same adventures, comradery and support I experienced.