SafeSport Training Email

Many of you received an email from USAC today from Kelsey Erickson about SafeSport training.  I’d like to take a moment to clarify a few things about the new requirements:

  1. The change in the SafeSport requirements is being driven by the US Congress, not USAC.
  2. We have received a clarification email from Kelsey about who has to take the training.  The new requirements are directed at persons who hold leadership positions over minors.  NOT ALL CLUB MEMBERS are required to take the training.  For now, the requirements for clubs that include minors extend to the listed officers of the club, (for example: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Junior Coordinator, etc).  This requirement DOES ALSO extends to ALL KCA board members.
  3. I believe that Race Promotors are also (or will soon be) required to take the training as well.

Coaches and Officials have been required to take the training as part of our annual license renewal for a number of years now.

There is no monetary cost for the training, and it is all completed online.

Team captains will be forwarding the link to the officers of their clubs.  If you do not receive an email that includes a link, then you may surmise that you do not need to take the training.

Thank you very much.

David Sturm