SafeSport training requirement completion date is July 1, 2019

in 2017 we were all shocked and appalled to hear of the rampant and systemic culture of sexual abuse in US Gymnastics that had been occurring for literally decades. In response to that atrocity, the US Congress made changes to the regulations that govern training requirements and background checks for any National Governing Body (and its affiliates) for sporting in the US.  Out of this action, SafeSport was born.

SafeSport is the organization that has been authorized by the United States Congress to oversee edication, training, and regulations to foster a safe and respectful sporting environment that is free from Physical, Mental, Sexual, or Emotional abuse of minors at all levels of the sport.

On the Monthly LA call today, we learned that the targeted date for compliance with the SafeSport training requirement is July 1 of this year.  I would like to take a moment to ask all of our members that fall under the new requirement to strive to complete before that date.This 90 minute training does not need to be completed in a single session and, if you use the link below, does not cost anything.

Our link to the SafeSport training is HERE.

(Please note, if you do not go through the link, then there is a non-refundable cost to take the training.)

The people who are required to complete the training before July 1, 2019 are:

  1. ALL USAC licensed coaches and officials.  The SafeSport training is already built into your license.  If your license is current, you do not need to retake the training until your next license cycle.
  2. ALL members of the KCA Board of Directors
  3. ALL official team or USAC registered club officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, etc) or board members who have minors associated with their team.
    1. This includes any organization, club, or team that manages, organizes, or oversees a team that includes Juniors even if the junior members are only “club-level” members and not licensed racers.
    2. This requirement ALSO extends to those officers who DO NOT hold a membership or license with USAC.  If the club or team is an officially registered team with USAC, the new congressional legislation requires ALL of its board members and/or officers to complete the training.
  4. If your club, team, or organization does NOT include juniors in its membership (at any level), oversee juniors, coach juniors, or mentor juniors, then your board members are exempt from the training requirement at this time.  Please note that the Congressional authorization of SafeSport allows for these requirements to change at a future date as determined by SafeSport.
  5. The training opportunity is not limited to the people above, and ANY USAC license holder can go through the link and take the training.

Thank you so much..