Greetings Kansas Cyclists.  I apologize for the lengthy delay in getting this year’s KBAR calendar published, but here it is:

2020 KBAR Calendar:

4/19      Bazaar Road Race – CATEGORY STATE CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE 2x KBAR for Category fields

4/25.    Bruce Edwards/Glenda Taylor Memorial Time TrialEVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 SITUATION

5/24.    Jesse Blancarte Memorial Time Trial

7/3.    Tour of Lawrence East 9th Cobble Crit – CATEGORY STATE CHAMPIONSHIP CRITERIUM 2X KBAR for Category fields

7/4.    Tour of Lawrence Downtown Firecracker Crit – AGE GROUP STATE CHAMPIONSHIP CRITERIUM 2X KBAR for Age Group Fields

7/5.    Tour of Lawrence KU Circuit Race – AGE GROUP STATE CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD RACE 2x KBAR



I am in talks with a promotor who is looking into adding another crit race to our KBAR calendar.  At this time, it is still too early to hold a date on this calendar, but as soon as we know, I will put a placeholder on the calendar so that you may plan to attend that race.

Teams need to remember that, in order to qualify for the KBAT and/or KEEN trophy, they need to either put on a race or assist at an existing race.  This is the best way to learn how to put on a race and combat the steady loss of road races on our calendar.  Our Race Promotors are all willing and able to teach and absolutely NEED the volunteer help.  Contact them directly for details.

The full calendar may be found by clicking HERE.

Given the small size of our calendar, and since many of our racers travel, I have included some of the larger regional and National Championship races on the spreadsheet.  You will also notice some GRAVEL races.  These are the Gravel races that are sanctioned by USAC (and that monster known as the DK).

Thank you all.  I hope your winter training has gone well, and we will see you roadies out at Spring Fling.



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