About KCA

2018 KCA Board of Directors

David Sturm – President kilndoc@me.com

David Romisch – Past President dromisch@gmail.com

Laura Ojeda – Media and Communications Coordinator homeandlifestyleexpert@gmail.com

Doug Campbell – Treasurer dcampbell@kc.rr.com

Amy Cottrell – Secretary and Upgrade Coordinator aamycottrell@gmail.com

Dean Parker – KBAR,Championships, and Series Coordinator deanparker952@gmail.com

Ian Pepin –  Equipment Coordinator ianpepin@yahoo.com

Jeff Unruh, Race Calendar Coordinator cyclesleeper@cox.net

Amy Fear – Officials Coordinator amyfear42@gmail.com

Sherri Hahn – Permit Coordinator shahnsj@aol.com

Erin Cain – Women’s Race Coordinator kugirl14@gmail.com

John Cichelli – Computer and Software Management

Kansas Cycling Association Mission

KCA’s mission is to promote and support bicycling at every level of the sport. The KCA enters into and implements certain legal contracts such as the Local Association (LA) Agreement on behalf of USA Cycling, Inc. (USAC). Beginning in 2003, the KCA has filled the role of Local Association (LA) on behalf of USAC.

In 2003 the KCA replaced the USCF District Representative function. As the LA, the KCA is responsible for the administration of USCF races as stated in the LA agreement. These duties include:

  1. LA agrees it will work in good faith and with its best efforts to ensure that all road, track, mountain bike and cyclo-cross organizers/promoters sanction their events in the area through USA Cycling and its representative associations and by doing so agree to abide by respective association rules and regulations. In any case, no officer and/or board member of an LA or the LA itself, shall promote an event that is not sanctioned with USA Cycling.
  2. Local Race Scheduling. (Subject to coordination with national racing calendar and international calendar of events as reviewed by USA Cycling)
  3. LA agrees that, upon receipt, they will review and submit in a timely manner fully completed event permits to USA Cycling within USA Cycling guidelines.
  4. LA agrees that upon receipt, they will review and submit in a timely manner all post event documents to USA Cycling within USA Cycling’s guidelines.
  5. LA agrees to assist in the recovery of outstanding post events not recovered by USAC.
  6. Assign qualified official for all non championship events, (NRC, State Championships, etc…)
  7. Provide or schedule race equipment for event.
  8. Assist members with license upgrading up to and including Category 2 as per USCF rulebook.
  9. Assist members with license downgrading as per USCF rulebook.
  10. Provide membership with communication forum such as website, newsletter, etc.
  11. Support and facilitate USA Cycling certification programs including officials, coaches and mechanics. Qualified instructors will conduct these programs. Curriculum and training materials provided by USA Cycling.
  12. Support and communicate athlete development opportunities and programs with guidance and assistance of USA Cycling. (Editorial note: notice this says “athlete development” it does not specify race, age, gender or category
  13. Provide a direct link on the homepage of LA website to www.usacycling.org
  14. LA agrees to acknowledge USA Cycling as a sponsor on homepage of LA website.
  15. LA agrees to communicate directly with USCF Regional Coordinator on a timely basis, either answering questions or providing information that is requested

Open Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the 10.20.13 Open Board MeetingPosted 11.10.13

Financial Reports

Financial Reports and Budget


2019 KCA Form 990-N ePostcard

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2018-2020 KCA Financial Statements

Please direct questions to KCA Treasurer, Doug Campbell, dcampbell@kc.rr.com.