CX State Championship and KBCXR bid request

Club/Promoter/Team Representatives

We are now accepting bids for the Cyclocross State Championships and KBCXR races.

If you would like for your race to be considered, please let me know.

Regarding CX State Championship. A promoter asked if we would be willing to consider splitting up so that one race would be Category only and another Age only. If you want to have your race considered please be sure to let me know if you want both categories, or just one (if just one do you have a preference). I don’t know if we will split them but will consider it.

On the schedule tab is the current race calendar with all of the races we are aware of.  If you would like a race added or changed please email Jeff Unruh at

Please reply by June 10th if you want your race considered.

David Romisch

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