Fun Fact from the USACycling Rulebook

We’ve all read it on flyers…helmets are required.  Of course, they are for racing in an event but what about riding over the registration tent or the portable toilets?

Maybe just a quick spin around the parking lot or to the podium?  Still required.

From the USACycling Rulebook:

1J1. Helmets. At all times when participating in an event held under a USA Cycling
event permit, including club rides, any rider on a bicycle or motorcycle shall wear
a protective, securely fastened helmet that satisfies the standards specified in USA
Cycling Policies. (Policy I, Sections 1 and 2 – see appendices.)

“Participating in an event” means riding a bicycle in the vicinity of a race at any time between the beginning of registration and the last awarding of prizes, but does not apply to riding rollers or stationary trainers in order to warm up.