KBAR Eligible Members

I have been asked by a couple of teams about the following KBAR rule.

If a KCA member club fails to promote a race or other USAC approved cycling event in the current calendar year as required by the KCA bylaws, all KBAR points earned by members of the non-promoting club will be voided.

At our last Board meeting we agreed that I was supposed to reach out to all teams that don’t promote races and remind them of this rule. My goal was to try to use as a carrot to hopefully get more races on our calendar.

Anyway, I haven’t gotten around to contacting teams (my fault on that). So for 2017 all racers regardless of what team you belong to are eligible for KBAR/KBAT points recognition.

The KCA Board will look at this rule again for 2018.

For teams that currently do not promote. I would like to encourage you to look at 2018 and see about putting an event on. Or even group up with a couple of other teams and collectively put on a race (up to six teams can promote a single race). I realize promoting gets harder each year and I am extremely thankful for the folks who put the time and effort so we have races to participate in. As our calendar gets more holes in the summer I think the KCA will want to enforce this next year to see if that helps plug some of the holes.

Good luck to everyone at Bazaar tomorrow!

David Romisch

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