KCA Board of Directors Election

Interested in helping to reinvigorate bike racing in our area?  Elections for the KCA Board of Directors are coming up!

Nominations for the Board are due by January 3, 2022.  Each nominee should submit by the 3rd a brief write-up about themselves and their interest in the Board.  All current Board members who wish to remain on the Board will be included in the election process.  A list of nominees along with their write-ups will be emailed to club presidents for voting.  Votes from each club in good standing may be made during the annual meeting to be held via zoom at 7pm on January 13, but we would prefer to accumulate votes in the 10-day period prior to the meeting.  Requirements for a club to be considered “in good standing” are listed in the KCA bylaws posted under “About KCA” above.  (The race promotion requirement will include 2019 due to COVID disruptions.)

Per KCA Bylaws, the Board may have from 5-9 Directors.  Members are elected to serve two-year terms, with no term limits. Once the Board is elected, the new Directors will appoint officers.  Officers may consist of a President, Treasurer, Equipment Coordinator, Media and Communications Coordinator, Race Calendar Coordinator, Junior Coordinator, Official’s Coordinator, and State Championships and Series Coordinator.  In the past there have also been an Upgrade Coordinator and a Permits Coordinator, but USAC is currently fulfilling those roles.  Directors may hold more than one office.  If nominees have a strong interest in a specific office, they may want to note it in their submission.

Please send nominations and write-ups by January 3 to Doug Campbell at dcampbell@kc.rr.com.

Any club presidents who believe their club is in good standing but have not been contacted about these elections should also contact Doug Campbell.