Meet Dan Messina

Name: Dan Messina

KCA Board Position: Media and Communications Coordinator

A Little About Me:

I’ve been active in the Kansas City cycling community since 2006 when my neighbor encouraged me to ride a bike again after a 30 year hiatus. After dropping 50 pounds and working 15 years of heavy smoking out of my lungs, I discovered racing and became hooked on the energy and pageantry of race day.

In 2017, I combined my passion for cycling with my favorite store and joined the Natural Grocers Cycling Team. Within eighteen months, I was knee deep in our social media campaigns and sponsor management/development eventually performing team VP duties and having responsibility for our social media strategy. Then the pandemic changed everything…leading me to launch a podcast series interviewing cycling legends like Ashton Lambie, Brad Huff and Hannah Jordan Cyclist (to name a few), live streaming Zwift races and developing deep relationships with several local promoters – all planning for a new day – post pandemic.

I’m focused on reopening lines of communication with our local race promoters by understanding their needs, developing sponsorship dollars from likeminded folks and encouraging new race promoters to resuscitate our area’s rich racing history.

Let’s go do great things together….