Posted 1.21.2014
The official’s program is one of the more important functions of the KCA.  The KCA’s OC is Amy Whittaker,

New Category C Officials

Posted 2.11.13
Congratulations to the newly licensed Category C Officials Maia Ades, Carlene Schipfmann, Frank Kubista, Sarah Anderson, Danielle Lansford, Ron Wade, Laura Olson, Donald Jonas, Jr. and Casey Buta.  These officials attended the Category C Official Clinic hosted by the KCA and led by Category A Official Amy Fear.

Officials Incentive Plan

5-9 races you will receive your license fee reimbursed plus $50.00
10-14 races you will receive your license fee reimbursed plus $100.00
15-19 races you will receive your license fee reimbursed plus $150.00
20+ races you will receive your license fee reimbursed plus $200.00

Volunteer Mileage Reimbursement:The KCA will reimburse officials who volunteer (with KCA Official’s Coordinator and Event Chief Referee approval) at KCA events .20 per mile for their mileage to and from the event. Please request your mileage reimbursement from the KCA using the same process as for requesting your incentive payment.

A “race” or “KCA race” is defined as a race for which the KCA staffs the officials. This typically is all Kansas races and Missouri races in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Officials may count as one race their attendance at the annual KCA Official’s Renewal Clinic.  The official does not have to live in Kansas to qualify for the incentive plan, only work KCA races.  Officials who volunteer at a race with the Chief Referee’s approval and work the entire race day, may include those races on the resume they submit for their incentive.

To receive your money from KCA:

1. Compile a list of the race events you worked in 2016. Please provide the name of the event and the date.
2. Provide your race resume, mailing address and amount you are requesting to Amy Whittaker ( and to Doug Campbell (

Doug will issue the check to you to cover your license and respective event participation incentive.

New Officials

KCA hosted an Introductory C Officials Clinic on February 12, 2011, led by Margretta de Vries.  Congratulations to the newly licensed officials:  Kathryn Gaherty, Bill Mason, Chuck Procner, Grayson Warrior and Roger Williams.

New Officials

July 31, 2011

Message from Art Berger, KCA Official’s Coordinator:  Congratulations to the following new Category C USAC Officials who completed the course and test requirements July 16, 2011:

Nolan Goldberg
William Wells
John Devaney
Michael Ruder
Terry Knowles