KCA Board Announces KBCXR/T and State Championship Schedule



The Kansas Cycling Association (KCA) board has declared the KBCXR/KBCXT (Kansas Best CX Rider/Kansas Best CX Team) shall remain in place for the 2022 CX season.  As the current schedule stands (see the calendar) there are four USAC sanctioned CX races on the calendar.  To appear in the KBCXR/T standings, racers must complete  three of the four currently scheduled races. Standings will be posted on the Results page at Kscycling.org

State Championship Races

You read that heading correct – races…plural. With the abbreviated CX schedule, the KCA board and race promoters and have opted to split the Kansas State Championship into two races.

The 360 Cup has been designated the USAC category championship race  LocalCycling.com CX has been designated the age group championship race.

Keep an eye on BikeReg for registration and race info as it becomes available.




Last Road Event for 2022

The 2022 Kansas City road season comes to a close on Saturday August 27 with the running of A Very Peculiar Criterium in Peculiar, Missouri.

Local teams Grip N Rip and Natural Grocers have signed on for this second annual installment featuring a Best of the Area Cat 3 team competition.  With only 25 feet of elevation gain per lap, this proves to be a super fast course – but watch those turns!


Don’t forget to stop by the purple Natural Grocers tent for goodies from Tiiga and Rudy Project (while supplies last).

CX is coming!



You’ve heard the rumors and for once they’re true….cross is coming. The calendar at http://kscycling.org/events-calendar/ is up to date but see below for a quick glance at the season as it sits today.

Big thanks to KCA Race Calendar Coordinator Sam Loring!

9/24 Joules Cross Day 1
9/25 Joules Cross Day 2
10/30 The Boulevard Cup
11/13 The 360 Cup
12/17 Localcycling.com Cross

Note: All events are permit pending at this time. Check BikeReg and USAC for permitting and registration details.



A Quick Look At Time Trials For Those Who Hate Time Trials

“time trial, French Course Contre La Montre, (“race against the watch”), in bicycle racing, a form of competition in which individual cyclists or teams are sent out at intervals to cover a specified distance on a road course. The contestant with the fastest time for the distance wins.” (courtesy Encyclopedia Brittanica)

We’ve talked to many local cyclists over the years and it seems one either loves or hates them.   Why is that?  We think it has a lot to do with the fact that TTs are hard – they require a lot of effort with no relief in the form of drafting. There’s no one to blame but one’s self which is, interestingly, what TT lovers say they like most about them.

Whether you love or hate them, take a look at this POV video from the John Brown Time Trial in De Soto, Kansas (thanks to Natural Grocers masters racer Dan Messina) and it just may change your mind about TTs.

Speaking of TTs…John Brown #3 and the Kansas State Championship races are coming up in August.  Check BikeReg for details



More Racing Action Coming Up!

Road season isn’t over!   Here’s a brief recap of road and track events through the end of August.


  • The Wednesday Night Worlds series continues through August 10th.  This criterium series serves up some fast action on a smooth and flat course.
  • The Kansas Track Championships drop on July 31 in Lawrence, Kansas. The grass velodrome is truly a unique experience and has been the launching pad for national and world champions.
  • The Kansas Individual Time Trial Championship race is on August 14 in Medora, Kansas (just north of Hutchison). This 40k course features rolling terrain with no turns.
  • John Brown Time Trial #3 – this summer series in De Soto, Kansas concludes on August 18.  Fast and flat – test your skills on this smooth and low traffic course.
  • A Very Peculiar Criterium returns for a second year (under new promotional management) on August 27th. This year, the event features a Best of the KCA  Category 3 competition (check flyer for details).


July Racing – Something for Everyone

July is shaping up to offer diverse racing opportunities appealing to just about anyone.

Admittedly, with the early season announcement that the 2022 Tour of Lawrence wouldn’t happen, this leaves a gap in the calendar. As we see it, the gap allows for more training time. Right?

Thursday July 21 – The John Brown Time Trial continues with the second installment in the series.  Fast and flat, one can race the five mile course multiple times in multiple categories for one entry fee.   It’s a great way for beginners to try out time trial and for seasoned veterans to test new gear and positioning.

Saturday July 23 – A Very Peculiar Criterium returns for a second year and under new promotion management. Directeur Sportiff John Pahlmann (Team Grip N Rip) has designed this event to pit local teams against each other in a battle to determine who has the best Category 3 squad. Flyer coming soon on BikeReg…keep a look out

Saturday July 31 – The Kansas Track Championship Race returns to the famous Grass Velodrome.  With Category and Age Group championship races, this event is sure to be exciting.   The event will feature 500m and 1000m individual time trials as well as scratch races.

There’s more racing action planned for August which proves to be a time trial junkie’s dream come true with multiple TT opportunities. More to come…



Who Has The Best Category 3 Team in the Metro?

Peculiar, Missouri

In July, area teams will have an opportunity to prove who has the best category 3 squad during a unique competition at A Very Peculiar Criterium.

Enter at least 3 members of your cat 3 squad in the 1/2/3 race and you could win some serious money. Additional details will be released next week.

The race will be on July 23 and  is brought to you by Grip n Rip Cycle with sponsors Elite Cycling KC and Natural Grocers.

More deets to come!

Revolution Racing Announces Dates for John Brown

De Soto, Kansas —

*** For Immediate Release ***

Revolution Racing, LLC has announced the return of the popular John Brown Time Trial Series (permit pending) in De Soto, Kansas  June 16, July 21 and August 18 in cooperation with sponsors AxGen Sports Genetics Kurt’s Energy Bars and the Natural Grocers Cycling Team 

Race promoter Jim Whittaker is excited to be racing on the flat, five mile out and back course again located near Riverfest Park, just north of downtown De Soto.

Like the race’s namesake, Whittaker says he aims to do things a little differently, “For one low entry fee you can race as many times as you want in a variety of USAC categories plus a few that are rare:  Team, Single Speed, even a Cheater category to name a few. We don’t publish a start list…just line up when you’re ready, tell the starter your name and category then punch it.”

Because the course runs along the Kansas River on a rural road, traffic is rare making this a perfect place for men, women and kids to try time trial for the first time. Experienced racers can experiment with varying equipment and form to perfect that aero style.

Parking and racer staging is located at Riverfest Park, 33440 W 79th St, De Soto, KS

Onsite registration $20 for men and $10 for women (thanks to Natural Grocers).  Online registration entry fees slightly higher via BikeReg


Registration opens at 5:45, first rider off at 6:30