Race Promoters

Obtaining a Race Permit

Event Permits may now be submitted online. Visit the USA Cycling web site and login. If you do not have an account for the USAC web site, go here and get signed up. All forms and payment can be submitted via the web site.

Please confer with KCA Calendar Coordinator Sam Loring to ensure your event does not conflict with others



Securing Officials for Races

As soon as possible after scheduling their race(s), Race Promoters must contact the Kansas Cycling Association’s Official’s Coordinator (the “OC”), to schedule the Chief Referee and other officials for their race(s).  The KCA Officials Coordinator is Amy Whittaker

The Race Promoter must designate to the OC the Chief Referee he wishes to work his/her race.  Licensed officials must designate to the OC the races at which they wish to work, and in what capacity.  The OC will coordinate this information to schedule the officials to work each race.  In nearly all instances, the Race Promoter may designate to the OC which officials he wishes to serve at his race(s).  In limited situations, the KCA Board of Directors may assign the officials to work a race if certain officials need specific race experience in order to upgrade or other scheduling conflicts exist.  Every effort will be made between the Race Promoter, the OC, the officials and the KCA to adequately staff all races at least one month in advance of the race date.

Race Announcements

See the USCF Rule book, Section 1E for specific requirements for race announcements.

Please include the following on all race announcements:

  1. Held under USA Cycling Event Permit #_____
  2. All USAC rules apply
  3. USAC license required to ride USAC categories
  4. One-day USAC license available for $10
  5. Additional fees per rider apply
  6. Race will be held rain or shine
  7. CPSC approved helmets must be worn by all participants while riding at any time during this event.

Advertise your race on the KCA Web site

Email a copy of your race announcement to Dan Messina for posting on the KCA web site, Facebook page and instagram account

More Information

The Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association has a great Promoters Page with good information on how to organize a bike race.

KCA Surcharge (Updated 02.04.18)

KCA Surcharge Policy. Promoters of races permitted through the KCA shall pay the KCA a surcharge per racer per day. Promoters shall pay only one surcharge on racers who race more than one race per day.  Races that include two types of races in same day (for example, time trial in the morning and criterium in the afternoon) are only charged a surcharge on the first race of the day. The surcharge must be remitted to the KCA within thirty days of the promoter’s receipt of a KCA invoice for the surcharge.  The surcharge shall be waived for a) racers in a category for which the promoter charged an entry fee of $10.00 or less i.e. juniors and first time racers, b) racers in a collegiate race, and c) hand cyclists.  The surcharge shall not be waived for racers who race free due to being a KBAR or KBCXR winner and racers who are comped by a promoter.   The funds the KCA collects through the surcharge are used to purchase and maintain race equipment; train, support and incentivize officials; promote state championship races; provide KBAR and KBCXR awards; and pay other expenses of managing the KCA. Promoters of races not permitted through the KCA who utilize KCA equipment for their races shall pay a KCA surcharge per racer per race.