USAC Youth (6-8) Races v. Kids Races-Which Race Should my Child Enter?

Many of our local races are holding USAC Youth (chronological age of 6-racing age of 8) races and Kids Races.  These races are a great way to introduce your child to the race environment and have fun.  Racers competing in USAC Youth races must hold an annual or one day USAC license.  There may be a fee to enter a Youth Race.  Annual Youth Licenses cost $35; one day licenses cost $15.  These licenses allow race directors the opportunity the help young cyclists grow their passion for bike racing while racing against their peers. Youth license holders can only enter youth races, which must be on closed courses with circuits of no longer than five kilometers. Similar to younger juniors, youth racers are restricted to massed-start legal bikes with no aero equipment.  Kids participating in Kids Races do not need to hold an annual or one day USAC license.  Kids races are non competitive and are for children under the age of ten.  No fee is charged to enter a Kids Race.  Please ask the race day registrar or official if you have questions regarding which race your child should enter.   Posted by Sherri Hahn,



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